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About Motocross South Africa.

MX SA was started in November 2010 by a small group of likeminded individuals who want to see Motocross restored to the level it was in the 80's. The company officially launched in May 2011 with a web site dedicated to South African Motocross, something that had never ever existed before.
Taking our inspiration from the work that has been done by countries around the world to keep the sport alive, we are dedicated and committed to achieving the same in South Africa. We all firmly believe that it is possible and have identified ways in which to do this. It is also the first time in the history of the sport that a company is dedicated full time to motocross.

MX SA Managing Members: Noleen Roome & Michelle Smith

Our passion is fuelled by the vision of seeing packed out venues watching motocross again, seeing those same races broadcast for each and everyone to watch. Creating a foundation to see South African motocross riders compete overseas regularly and gain recognition for it. Using that same foundation to bring the worlds top riders to come and compete on our shores.

Many different factors have led to the decline of the sport over the years and a handful of key companies, fraternities and people have been fighting hard to keep what remains alive. The last few years have seen incredible growth and potential and a real sense that the hard work and dedication is being seen by the numbers on the start lines.

Rebuilding the sport takes dedication, passion, patience and perseverance - this is exactly what we are all about.

In 2012 MX SA found it's place in the market and quickly became a voice in the industry. Our MX web portal exceeded all expectations and showed us that motocross in South Africa is not only a live, but most certainly kicking.
In 2013 we took the industry to a new level with active involvement in regional and national motocross, we also placed much more focus on rider training and development from a 'grass roots' level with the launch of our Junior Motocross Academy and the continued growth of our highly successful female rider development programme called 'Diamonds and Dirt'.
2014 saw a big shift forward for MX SA as we were asked to run administration for the MSA National series. By July they officially asked us to take over as promoter for the remainder of the year and begin discussions for a three year deal as the promoters of National Motocross in South Africa. MX SA also played an important role in Supercross Africa from an administrative and race control perspective. Together with this, we continued our work on a regional level as well as a development level with the ladies and juniors.

In 2015 MX SA launched its first year as the full time SA MX National Promoters. This together with Northern Regions motocross we already had a busy year. We continued with our junior riding lessons at the JMXA as well as our ladies riders development fun days called Diamonds and Dirt. The new initiative we launched, called Moto Kids, which is much the same as the format for the ladies but specifically for new kids, was an incredible success. All of these aspects were built on in 2016 and the year ended with further growth in motocross.

As we approached the end of 2017, it was clear that we would show a fourth straight year of growth in Motocross proving without a doubt that the formula in place is working. As the sport grows, so new challenges arise and the partners aligned with MX SA enable us to meet those challenges head on. The company works closely with venues, riders, sponsors, motorcylce importers, the governing body and a myriad of other areas to continue to grow the sport as envisioned.

We are excited about what the future holds!

MX SA Members: Noleen Roome & Michelle Smith


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